Day: November 23, 2020


How to Use a Real Hard Drive on a Raspberry Pi

With my recent success of setting up an m.2 drive on a Raspberry Pi, I thought I’d repurpose an old 3.5″ SATA drive. I jumped on and found a GeeekPi SATA Expansion Board X825. You screw the hard drive to one side of it and mount the Raspberry Pi to the other. There’s a […]

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How to Monitor UPS with Raspberry Pi

I’ve got a couple of LINUX servers and a Synology NAS on my CyberPower 1350 UPS. I’d like to monitor the battery level and OUTAGES. I can use the little pushbutton on the front to poke through the status OR I can install NUT and monitor my UPS with a cool webpage and much better […]

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