How to Install Zabbix 6.0 on a Raspberry Pi

… or actually, a few Raspberry Pis! I’d like to install the Zabbix monitoring suite and have decided to split up the workload across 3 Raspberry Pi 3B’s. Just like in actual production, we’ll have a Zabbix front-end, a Zabbix Proxy polling server, and a Raspberry Pi database server. The Story So Far… IF you’re […]

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How to Install Zabbix Agent with Saltstack (or by hand)

If you’re using Zabbix to monitor your network, you’re going to need the Zabbix agent installed on each of your hosts. You could install the Zabbix-agent on each of your computers, which we’ll cover in detail, OR write a saltstack SLS file to install the Zabbix agent! So, first, let’s install the Zabbix agent by […]

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