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UCTRONICS Ultimate Rack for Raspberry Pi 4

I wanted to get a couple of my Pis out of the experiment sandbox and permanently on the network. I’ve got a salt server, a…

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How to Boot a Raspberry PI 4 from Thumb Drive

So, it seems things have gotten easier with the new round of Raspberries. The Raspberry Pi 4 is capable of booting directly from USB. No…

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How to Install Zabbix Agent with Saltstack (or by hand)

If you’re using saltstack to monitor your network, you’re going to need the zabbix agent installed on each of your hosts. You could install the…

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How to Install an M.2 hard drive on a Raspberry Pi 4

Looking to remove one more speed bottleneck from your Raspberry Pi server? Me, too! That’s why I looked into SSD hard drive technology, specifically an…

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How to Use a USB Drive on a Raspberry PI

Sometimes you need a little extra legroom on a Raspberry. Just to store some files or maybe you’ve got an application that does a lot…

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Bulk Add Devices to cacti

It is really a hassle to add lots of devices to cacti when setting up a new monitoring server. Even using a template to make…

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How to Configure cacti

So, you finally got cacti running on your server and you want it to monitor your network devices! No problem! Getting cacti running as a…

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SaltStack .sls file to allow root to log in directly

I’m lazy and I have bad admin habits, like logging into a LINUX server, directly, as root. Worse than that, I like to set the…

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How to Install SaltStack on a Raspberry Pi

Once you have the OS installed and (in the case of a Raspberry,) ntp working, you can install stuff. The first thing I want to…

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Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS on a Raspberry Pi

So, with the newest version of Ubuntu now available for the Raspberry, I wanted to jump in and see what they had to offer my…

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