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How to Boot a Raspberry PI 4 from Thumb Drive

So, it seems things have gotten easier with the new round of Raspberries. The Raspberry Pi 4 is capable of booting directly from USB. No…

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How to Make Network Shared Storage with a Raspberry

Do you need an easy way to share a couple of hard drives with the family across the network? Build a Dedicated Windows Share? You…

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How to Install an M.2 hard drive on a Raspberry Pi 4

Looking to remove one more speed bottleneck from your Raspberry Pi server? Me, too! That’s why I looked into SSD hard drive technology, specifically an…

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How to 3D print from a Raspberry Pi

Got a 3D printer? Tired of running to the printer to swap SD cards with your model files? Do you hate tying up your laptop…

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How to Fix a Broken SD card socket on Raspberry PI

Turns out that $35 computers are fragile! Ugh. My raspberries get a lot of abuse. I’m pretty hard on stuff, but I don’t usually BREAK…

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How to Move root to a USB drive

You may have gotten burned by an SD card failing in one of your Raspberries after putting in a lot of hard work. Frustrating, I…

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How to Move Raspbian swapfile to USB

Running your raspberry pi from SDcard works, but has its foibles. For one, consistent reading and writing to and from an SDcard is a sure…

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